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Hello everyone, my name is Gloria Dunbar and I’m the CEO of Hampton Power. This is a web page where you can find everything related to projects, creations, designs and much more that are developed in the Hamptons and are related to the utilization of benefits like gasoline, oil or some type of specific energy as beneficial use for the environment with the creation of clean energy.

Currently we are privileged to live in an era where there are so many advances and technological developments which have led to the creation of positive things not only for us, but in a general way, for society and the environment. The development of clean energy is one of them.

At Hampton Power our objective is the creation of things through energies that generate the reduction of environmental contamination; which means generate or reduce the hazardous waste that may affect the planet earth, global warming and more.

Thanks to many technological and research, developments have been creating ways to work more consciously, greener. Even such measures can benefit you because they generate less expenses.

And all of this can be done through different types of energy such as hydraulic, which generates water through tides or currents; solar energy, directly deprived of the sun’s radiation or geothermal.

And undoubtedly, everything is designed with the latest technology. Depending on the project, you can see it using LED lights, a heating control with an underground geothermal and much more.

So, through our website you can know all of this and more in depth, knowing even the various projects that run in the Hamptons, detailed information, recommendations for the use of this type of energy and much more.