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The Hamptons it’s a place that’s focused on applying measures that benefit the environment, in favor of clean energies. That’s why there are so many companies or projects that uses energy or gasoline in a green way.

Here, we list some of the important resources used by some individuals and companies. These resources are used for the creation or design of various places with the application of these ecological measures:

Innovative and ecological design

Many modern houses have been designed, totally innovative with very beneficial functions, with heating systems, LED lights, solar panels and many other applications with clean and renewable energy; completely ecological.


Not only are these application beneficial for the environment, but you also save thousands of dollars annually in the payment of energy. Even up to more than $ 30,000 in many cases.

Featured designers

In the Hamptons they specialize in creating sustainable places, but also apply sustainable applications with the interior and exterior design on request. This is based on the technological parameters the company establishes.

Technological developments

Some projects are also designed with special things like pools with solar energy, sound systems and other cool and totally modern things with intelligent technology that will give a unique touch. And these things can be controlled even from your cell phone. Like the lighting, thermostat and more.

That’s why these services are so positive and demanding in The Hamptons, because you can create the place of your dreams but also save money in energy bills and preserve the environment.