High Prices in Gas Causes Concern in Hamptons

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The United States is the pioneer country in producing gas and especially in its consumption; this is due to marketing that expanded at the end of World War II during the decade of 1950s. Let’s take a look at some aspects about the influence of gas, and also, the massive increase in gas prices that causes concern in the Hamptons.


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Gas is made of methane, alkanes, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium in some cases. This hydrocarbon has become popular throughout the world as a way to replace various fuels, because it’s considered more beneficial.

The first one is because it has an environmental benefit, it generates less CO2 than other fuels. It also has a high caloric power, meaning that it is a more useful and comfortable in its implementation when using it in any industrial or domestic consumption.

Price in the United States

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Hydrocarbon is one of the most necessary and commercial sources of energy in the United States. A dependency relationship has been created especially in places with very cold climates or the production of gasoline. According to some surveys, there are different sites in the country that handle a very high price of gas service.

The Hamptons is one of those places, it is even considered the place with the highest gas quota in the whole country. Specifically places like Montauk, Amagansett and East Hampton are a concern because of this matter.

Concern in Hamptons

Montauk currently handles a fee of $3,53. Amagansett with a price of $3,60 while East Hampton is $3,15.

One of the most economical places in the area is a water mill with $2,80. While many service stations in the rest of the country handle much lower prices on average. But this is also due to the influence that of these areas that there aren’t many service stations.


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According to news announced by the US government cabinet, the country has grown a lot in the production of natural gas thanks to the various technological and research advances that have been seen during the last years.

Especially with the processes of hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling, for the exploitation and production of gas, generating big quantities and becoming the leading country in gas production worldwide. This is definitely a breakthrough for the US.

This is very beneficial for the country, to be able to avoid importing fuels. But formal regulation of gas service prices is also needed, like that such service can have a better control being more accessible to all people regardless of where they are in the country.